Inspiring authentic leaders to create pivotal moments

I work to create a world where people make their most precious resource, time, count. Through the power of coaching I help leaders create more value and positivity for the people who work with them and the communities beyond. It’s time to evolve. One leader, one team, one business at a time. Come join me.​

kingsley Neill


Before founding Fulcrum Coaching I built a successful 20 year career in the energy industry as a leader in planning and performance. I am now following my passion for developing people and high performing teams as a University of Cambridge qualified executive coach.

As an experienced and capable leader I led small and large teams, locally and globally at operational and strategic levels. Authentic and trustworthy I am skilled at creating environments that support individual growth and team performance. This is complemented by an understanding of complex business environments and a keen focus on both value and values.

I have a track record of building new capabilities into existing organisations, bringing people, processes and tools together to create performance. I have done this across many organisational and international environments, and have an ability to bring the best out of people with diverse backgrounds and mindsets.

 My approach is warm and straightforward, I operate effectively at many levels. I'm as comfortable working with on-site leadership as I am with executives.  My strong business experience, passion for people and University of Cambridge credentialed approach to coaching will give you the support and leverage you need to unlock the potential of your leadership, teams and organisation. 


working together

working together

Coaching opens up a reflective space to explore the challenging questions that really matter to you and find answers that are authentically yours.


If those answers mean there are changes you want to make in order to reach your goals I will help you make a plan, support you and hold you accountable.

Our time is too precious to be doing anything other than what is meaningful to us to the best of our ability.


Make that change. 

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craft your own inspiring journey



Walid, Investment Banker

I was really impressed with how quickly Kingsley was able to help me identify which goals I wanted to pursue.

Graeme, Senior VP Global Ops

Kingsley's coaching matched and exceeded the quality of any coaching I have experienced in the past, helping me to make better decisions and choices


I would recommend him to anyone looking for a coach.

Antonio, Head of Innovation

For those looking to enhance your professional and personal lives by taking that wild journey deep into the core of your own worlds,  I cannot recommend Kingsley enough.


I climbed a big mountain with his help and I have not stopped climbing since.